Magic Glow twister Tracks Racing Car Set, Toys for Kids Age 3 4 5 6 7 LED Glow in the Dark Cars Track Flexible Routing Flexible Assembly Track Race Series + 2 Light Up Race Car ( Bridge+Tunnel) 169pcs

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  • 1.☛【Noctilucent Design: 】 To break the traditional color of a single track car, car and the use of LED colorful lights, plus orbit with noctilucent design, the night can play, splicing color bright, more popular
  • 2.☛【Safety Material:】 Using ABS material, easy to stitching, anti-pressure and drop no smell, so play more peace of mind
  • 3.☛【Track Bending: 】 Flexibility is better, more fun than ordinary, more interesting
  • 4.☛【Variety Modeling:】Can be more sets of stitching, more modeling, so you to create
  • 5.☛【Strong Power: 】The car is equipped with three bright LED lights, at night brighter, faster

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